Back in the swing of things

It’s been a minute since we posted, but as I sit here while my husband works with our daughters on their golf swing, the vibrant foliage inspires me to share the beauty of our mountains. We’ve been through a few challenges and historic moments since I last posted, I’ve stepped away from social media and come back with a bit more intention, we’ve mastered new forms of communication to simplify our lives, but have a much greater appreciation for seeing someone return our smile with a big hug, and I’m catching up on family visits and weddings that were originally scheduled for 2020. Ah yes, The Great Reflection…

Not only did I learn a few TikTok dances and embrace the comfort of crocs during this time (I’m surrounded by teenagers), but I also gained a bit of perspective. I’m very much so in a quality not quantity state, comfortably choosing to sip coffee out of my Christmas mug all year because it sparks joy. My time is more precious than I ever realized and I’m investing it wisely in my family and community. As a lover of travel, I’m enjoying road trips and vacations to new places again but growing far more grateful for that return to the comforts of my own home in these beautiful mountains.

So I’m back in the swing of things, sharing all the good things about the mountains of Western North Carolina, North Georgia, and the surrounding South Carolina and Eastern Tennessee towns. The beautiful communities where the fog lifts to reveal long range views, locally owned boutiques and restaurants, artists, entrepreneurs, and the most incredible mix of some of the best people you could ever hope to meet. We’re making time for good books, golf, hikes, boat rides, festivals, and love taking in the sunset views with a full glass and even better company.

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