An Indoor Option

The Ark jokes have reached an all time high and we’ve moved on to time change memes…because at least we’ll lose an hour of rain. If you’re like us, the novelty of this precipitation has worn off completely and we want warm sunshine. Parents, you know immediately at parent pickup if your kids have had indoor recess. They’re like rubber bands, wound up and ready to argue with all the siblings. Sadly, Mother Nature is more stubborn than our youngest daughter so we’ve taken to indoor options.

Silver lining: we have an amazing Fitness Center with an indoor pool. Murphy Health & Fitness is under new ownership and we are loving it! There is a TV on all of the cardio equipment so our girls can bring ear buds to watch cartoons while they expend a little energy after school. When we have more time on the weekends, our girls have loved swimming in the indoor heated pool. We’re anxiously awaiting the warm, sunny weather but until then, we’re grateful for this indoor option. Stop by MHF to visit their Membership Specialist, Tommy Phillips and we’ll see you there!


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