Folk School Flash Mob in Murphy

As I walked to my car after meeting a friend to celebrate her birthday last night, I ran into someone else I had’t seen in a while. We chatted for a minute in front of The Parson’s Pub when I noticed a group of dancers. I went inside to find out about the dancers, one of whom was my daughter’s math teacher, only to happen upon one of the lovely mamas from our local swim team. Her son was the other dancer in this group, better known as The Magic Rappers.

This was one of many stops in their flash mob style pub crawl through downtown Murphy to raise funds for an upcoming competition. I followed the group to their next stop and enjoyed the curiosity as everyone in Valley River Brewery and Eatery tried to understand what was about to happen…

My video was interrupted by my daughter’s call (sorry for hanging up on you, Sofia but your math teacher was performing). Here is the rest of their well-received performance…

You obviously missed your chance to support this group as they passed their hat throughout the pubs, but if you’re interested in sponsoring this group, reach out to the John C. Campbell Folk School. I’m sure they can put you in touch.

Mrs. Brenda, it was wonderful to see you and best of luck to the Magic Rappers!

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