You Too Can Become A Beervangelist

We took a break from the office yesterday and walked down to The Parson’s Pub for lunch. After back-to-back days of two-hour delays and a hot mess schedule, we clearly deserved a lunch date. As we were enjoying our meal and a beer, we heard a gentleman at the bar asking about the Beer Club. Upon returning to our office, we learned that our very own Barry Clayton is in fact, a legit Beervangelist.

Apparently you can join this Beer Club for free and enjoy some great prizes along the way. So here’s how this works…

When you try:
                       10 different beers  –  a free draft
                       15 different beers – a free appetizer
                       25 different beers – a free pint glass
                       50 different beers – a Parson’s Pub T-shirt
                       75 different beers – Free dinner for 2
             and 100 different beers – a 22 oz Parson’s Pub glass beer stein with your name on it!

The Parson’s Pub is know for its extensive beer selection, so this is definitely a challenge we can accept. Next time we visit, we’ll even bring our girls so we can share their favorite, the Giant Pretzels with Guinness cheese. We’ll be sure to inquire about this awesome club as we enjoy one of their savory dishes and great atmosphere. It may take a while, but we’ll let you know when we officially become Beervangelists.

If you’re strolling through downtown Murphy, be sure to visit us at 75 Tennessee Street…just a block from The Parson’s Pub. Planning a visit to Murphy? Let us know so we can meet you and welcome you to our awesome community!

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